Vision Blocks

Kent Periscopes design and manufacture laminated vision blocks for use in armoured fighting vehicles. Our vision blocks are made to meet customer requirements and provide a high quality optical solution with ballistic and, where required, built-in laser protection


Vision Blocks give the crew a direct view view out of the vehicle where conventional periscopes do not fit, typically in the hull or a vehicle door. With high optical transmission and no image distortion, Kent Periscopes Vision Blocks can also incorporate laser protection for the user, where required.

Kent Periscopes laminated Vision Blocks are built and tested to meet fully the customer's requirements, such as MIL-DTL 11352k. Whether a new bespoke design or a build-to-print solution, all our Vision Blocks are rigorously tested for ballistic protection and a comprehensive range of environmental conditions, including typically; temperature, shock, vibration, humidity and solar radiation.

Typical Vision Block construction:

Vision Block Detail

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