About Kent Periscopes

Kent Periscopes is the only recognised UK-based producer of unity vision periscopes for armoured fighting vehicles.

The business is a member of the G&H group of companies.

Kent Periscopes was established in response to an opportunity that arose, as a result of a restructuring of the supply-side of our market, in 2004. Since then, we have grown strongly and extended our product and service capabilities to include, in addition to unity vision periscopes, an innovative range of Embedded Image Periscopes (EIPs), the popular and flexible range of Sabre Gunner/Commander sights, the Passive Driver's Periscope (PDP), Vision Blocks and a range of other related equipment and services for armoured fighting vehicles.

We have earned a strong reputation for our ability to deliver a range of quality products at competitive prices. As experts in our field we aim to establish proactive and responsive relationships with our customers to ensure that the products and services that we supply represent the optimum solution to the given requirement.

We have grown strongly and profitably from the outset, and with a growing order book we are now entering a phase of further investment and growth.

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