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Kent Periscopes, who forms part of Gooch & Housego PLC, is headquartered in St. Asaph, North Wales at the heart of the United Kingdom's largest advanced optics supply community. The area has been synonymous with the design and manufacture of electro-optical products for military applications for over 40 years. As a result, there is a well-established local pool of highly skilled and motivated technicians.

From the outset, our business has been carefully designed such that it has an optimised operational structure - with minimal on-shore operating costs and the significant leverage of a well-established, reliable and cost effective manufacturing supply chain.

We are experts in our field and have a broad range of experience including the design and delivery of products for new strategic vehicle programmes, vehicle upgrade programmes, urgent operational requirement (UOR) programmes and the repair and refurbishment of existing in-service vehicle equipment.

Gooch & Housego PLC is a high tech engineering business based in Ilminster Somerset, UK, with manufacturing plants in the USA and Europe. A global leader in the field of photonics, G&H advanced systems, components and instrumentation are used, often in testing or rugged environments, in applications in the aerospace & defenseIndustriallife Sciences and scientific research sectors.

G&H’s expertise covers research, design, engineering and through manufacturing and after sales service. Across ten sites G&H make photonic assemblies, systems and components based upon the following key enabling technologies:

Acousto-Optics: Beam deflectors, frequency shifters, mode lockers, modulators (including fiber-coupled), pulse pickers and cavity dumpers, Q-switches, tunable filters.

Electro-Optics: From G&H grown crystals: Lithium niobate Q-switches, Pockels cells – BBO, CdTe, KD*P, large aperture.

Fiber Optics: Active and passive: amplifiers, assemblies, DFB and DBR Lasers, DFB laser drivers, fused components, high speed, detectors, single mode pump lasers, multi-mode pump lasers.

Precision Optics: Beam splitters, corner cubes, domes, flats, infrared optics, lenses – aspheric / spherical, cylindrical, diffractive, lens modules, mirrors – aspheric /spherical, flat, synchrotron, opto-mechanical, prisms, ring laser gyro frames and substrates, synchrotron substrates and mirrors, waveplates, windows

RF Electronics: RF drivers for acousto-optic and electro-optic devices.

Instrumentation: Colorimeters / photometers, detector standards, imaging photometers, integrating spheres, precision constant current sources, radiometer / photometers, reflectance standards, spectral Imaging and synthesis, spectral irradiance and illuminance standards, spectral radiance and luminance standards, spectroradiometers.

Corporate Headquarters:
Gooch & Housego PLC
Dowlish Ford
TA19 0PF
United Kingdom

Telephone +44 1460 256440
Email info@gandh.com
Website https://gandh.com/