Kent Periscopes at IAV Show

Kent Periscopes presented and exhibited at the International Armoured Vehicles (IAV) 2016 show in Twickenham Stadium in London from 25th – 28th January 2016.

IAV 2016 was the UK’s largest event dedicated specifically to looking at the current issues of armoured mobility platforms.
This annual gathering of international specialists and technology this year looked at how can the modern armoured vehicle can continue to adapt and remain capable in 21st century theatres of conflict.

As a Focus Day Partner, Tim Whiston from Kent Periscopes presented a paper on “Core value – opportunities to leverage existing assets”

Kent Periscopes also exhibited and featured a number of products at the event, including:

  • T1 Driver’s Periscope.
  • T2 Periscope -  designed to give a radial symmetrical array in order to maximise the horizontal azimuth field of view.
  • T6 Periscope - an innovative design developed specifically for multiple units to be installed immediately adjacent to each other to creat a virtually uninterrupted, panoramic horizontal field of view.
  • K6 Glass periscope, a high quality alternative to the conventional M17 type requirement.

 Our stand was situated in the Rose Suite at Twickenham Stadium.