Production phase contract confirmed by Denel Land Systems

Kent Periscopes has been awarded the production phase contract for the supply of its Sabre sight as the Auxiliary Gunner’s Sight (AGS) on the MCT-30 turrets to be supplied to Armscor as part of its Project Hoefyster deliveries to the South African Army. In addition, Kent Periscopes is to provide direct support for the local in-country supply of unity vision periscopes for the turret, in support of Denel Land Systems’ industrial participation undertakings.

Denel Land Systems designed and manufactured the Badger to meet the requirements of a modern army involved in both high-intensity warfare and peace-keeping operations. The Modular Combat Vehicle (MCV) is a platform originally developed by a Finnish defence contractor, Patria and has subsequently been fully optimised by Denel Land Systems in order to meet the specific needs of the South African Army. This localised vehicle inclusive of turret variants is called Badger as part of Armscor’s Project Hoefyster that seeks to replace the 30 year old Ratel Infantry Combat Vehicle in its mechanised infantry units.

Commenting on the contract award, John Oliver, Managing Director of Kent Periscopes, said “The award of the production phase contract represents the culmination of a numbers of years’ close and productive collaboration between our design team and the engineers at Denel Land Systems. The resulting periscopes and Sabre sight designs have been optimised for the Badger platform and have undergone extensive testing and qualification over the period of the demonstration and pre-production phases of the programme.”

Avishkar Govender for Denel Land Systems, commented “The sighting solutions designed and provided to us by Kent Periscopes are best in their class. From the outset our relationship has been extremely effective and we now consider them an important and valuable part of our team.”