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Embedded Image Periscope

  • Product Code: EIP

The Embedded Image Periscope “EIP” provides standard unity vision periscope functionality for normal daytime viewing of the vehicle surroundings plus the ability to display digital images from range of on-vehicle sensors and cameras (such that the resulting image appears “embedded” internally within the unit and projected at a comfortable eye position.

As a result, the EIP represents an extremely attractive night driving solution for vehicle drivers.  In addition, EIP also allows for the instantaneous switching to Ti image for enhanced daytime viewing where normal vision is obscured by smoke and dust.

EIP eliminates need for separate monitors, freeing up space in the typically cramped driver’s position.

Kent Periscopes’ biocular EIP product consists of a standard periscope upper assembly and compact lower assembly with a single standard lower viewing window. The design is protected by Patent number GB2489741.

The EIP is designed to be available with a range of upper periscope assembly options in order to fit new vehicle requirements or provide a direct replacement for current in-service solutions

The summary of benefits of the EIP Biocular are as follows:

  • A “standalone” and “leave alone” driver’s night vision solution
  • Eliminates the need for additional monitors or “swap in” night vision equipment
  • Ability to display images from a range of cameras and sensors on the vehicle
  • Competitive unit pricing
  • A high quality, flat bi-ocular image projected away from the user
  • Displayed images are viewed in a relaxed manner, without the need for the user to press their head up to the unit, or move their head to see the image

EIP employs an integral VGA display whose output is manipulated by aspheric and diffractive optics, providing bi-ocular viewing. The resulting displayed images are magnified, flat and projected away from the user at the optimum “night vision” focal distance - providing a relaxed view of the image in the normal optical path, without the need for the user to press their head up against the unit.

The EIP is designed for installation with an external control box, if required, to manage the power and digital video display feeds – allowing the user to switch between multiple sensors and tune the image, for example with Ti images to adjust the gain, and select whether image is black or white hot