EIP Module

  • Product Code: EIP

Our EIP Biocular Viewer Module (BVM) provides the user with a relaxed view of video images obtained from cameras and sensors located on the outside of the vehicle.  Eye strain experienced by viewing close up displays is eliminated by the use of a series of aspheric, diffractive and conventional lenses in this unique biocular design.

Kent Periscopes EIP BVM is a compact module that contains a sophisticated set of optics attached to a high resolution display cassette. The biocular has the effect of projecting the image away at a comfortable distance, to give a relaxed view that helps eliminate eye strain.  It also magnifies the image by an exact amount to allow 1:1 vision when used with the appropriate field of view sensor or camera (typically 40 degs or 55 degs). 

The EIP BVM is designed to fit under the standard driver's day periscope. Adjustment of the mounting bracket allows the viewing window to be positioned at an angle to suit individual users, particularly useful when different height drivers are required to operate the vehicle, and enables the unit to be removed quickly and easily, without tools, in order that it can be stowed when not required. The EIP BVM can also be used for a relaxed viewing of maps and any other digital data presented via a video link, so it is not restricted to use by a driver.

EIP BVM is a derivative of our successful Embedded Image Periscope, which is in service with the UK MOD, with the EIP BVM’s optical design based on our successful PDP product.

The EIP BVM can be tailored to suit individual periscope or vehicle requirements. It can be configured to run off vehicle voltages or from a 12v battery, and factory set for different video modes (NTSC or PAL). The display cassette display can be upgraded over time to benefit from higher quality displays that will become available in the future.

Standard features, include:

  • High resolution display (640 x 480)
  • Relaxed view - no refocusing between day periscope and display mode
  • Quick release and angular adjustment
  • Display cassette, with all the electronic components housed in the cassette
  • One to one magnification
  • Wide field of view with appropriate camera/sensor (for example, 55 degs)
  • Multi camera/sensor options via a optional control box
  • Designed for military environments for fast track and wheeled vehicles
  • Configurable to fit with many day periscopes, including M17 and M27