Kent Periscopes' Enhanced Driver's Vision System (EDVS) is a self-contained driver's vision system that is a modernisation upgrade of the Passive Driver's Periscope.

The EDVS is an upgrade for existing PDP installations, which maintains an identical space envelope above armour with minimal changes below armour. It utilises the same vehicle mounting interface and the same power specifications and connections. Although originally developed as an upgrade for the PDP, it can be customised for applications on new vehicles and/or platforms to suit the customer's requirements.

The EDVS has a fully customisable camera payload built into the unit itself so there is no need to swap out the EDVS for day time manoeuvres. This enables the driver to drive at night, hatch down, without the use of artificial illumination and at speeds comparable to those achievable in daylight.

Key features include:

- Biocular and LCD view options

- Input/output capability

- Plug and Play

- Customisable camera payload