Embedded Image Periscopes (EIPs)

Kent Periscopes is the leading exponent of this innovative type of solution, and our experience has taught us that different circumstances call for different solutions.

Embedded Image Periscopes (EIPs) provide classic direct view periscope vision, combined with the ability to display digital images from sensors and cameras located on the vehicle directly into the original, or sometimes virtual, periscope window.

The EIP products offered by Kent Periscopes consist typically of a standard periscope upper assembly and a compact lower assembly which holds a VGA display - allowing the user to select direct view or digital view without moving the head position or swapping out periscopes. They each offer a versatile solution for AFV drivers, enabling a quick and intuitive switching between direct view and digital imagery from sensors and cameras on the vehicle, giving a comprehensive image of the mission ahead through battlefield obscurants, during the day and at night. But they are equally relevant to other positions in the vehicle, where constraints exist. An EIP eliminates need for separate displays or alternative “swap in” night-vision solutions.

All Kent Periscopes’ EIPs are designed to be modular and can therefore be configured for both new vehicle requirements and as a direct replacement for current in service solutions - with minimal, if any, vehicle modification.

The summary benefits of our EIPs are as follows:

  • A “standalone” and “leave alone” Day & Night solution
  • Ability to display images from existing cameras and sensors on the vehicle
  • Eliminates the need for additional monitors within the crew compartment
  • Reduced logistic and through life support cost
  • Ergonomically designed to minimize head movement
  • Reduced training burden

All of our EIPs are designed to be compatible with hull or hatch fitted periscopes, and can be designed to fit existing space envelopes. The VGA displays that we use ensure that high quality images are provided to the user.

Where space permits, aspheric and diffractive optics give a high quality relaxed biocular view. Where space constraints are more severe, a custom design wide-format display provides the digital view. Our new EIP BVM provides a convenient solution for use with existing periscopes, such as the ubiquitous M17 and M27 designs.

In all variants, EIP provides a relaxed view of the image in the normal optical path without the need for the user to press their head up against the unit, reducing the risk of facial injury during rapid deceleration.

The EIPs are designed for integration with the vehicle controls or the installation of an external control box to manage the power and digital video display feeds - allowing the user to switch between multiple sensors and tune the image, for example with Ti images to adjust the gain, and select whether image is black or white hot.