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The EIP Display Mirror Module (DMM) was specifically designed for situations where the user needs access to digital image feeds, but  the space envelope is so severely constrained that simply nothing else will fit.

Extensive trialling of EIP on a range of armoured fighting vehicles, in particular a number of MBTs where the space envelope restricts the use of a sight any larger than the existing periscopes, led Kent Periscopes to develop the new EIP Display Mirror Module (DMM).

Kent Periscopes’ EIP products consist of a standard periscope upper assembly and compact lower assembly which holds a VGA display, allowing the user to select direct view or digital view without moving the head position or swapping out periscopes.

A versatile solution for AFV drivers, enabling a quick and intuitive switching between direct view and sensors giving a comprehensive image of the mission ahead through battlefield obscurants, at night or day.

This variant maintains the fields of view of the original periscope and employs a specialised 16:5 format VGA display.