Sabre Commander/Gunner Sights

A family of compact and yet extremely capable sights for small to medium turret systems

Configurable as a Day/Day, Day/Night, Day/Thermal and now Narrow Gunner's Sight variants, with the option to combine with a Laser Range Finder.

Sabres have been selected for service with numerous armed forces around the world and therefore represents a popular electro-optical solution. Sabre’s design is proven and qualified, a flexible asset for use in the full range of turret sizes.

Developed originally for vehicles with small to medium sized turrets and cupolas, Sabre is designed to fit within a very compact space envelope. As a result it can be configured to fit most armoured fighting vehicles. It’s day and night fighting capability, when combined with a LRF, makes Sabre the complete solution at a competitive price.

For small turrets, or larger turrets where there is little space available, the new Sabre NGS is an attractive  solution.


  • Surveillance
  • Target acquisition
  • Engagement
  • 24hr capability
  • Auxiliary sighting system