K2LU20 Unity Vision Periscope

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K2LU20 Unity Vision Periscope

  • Product Code: K2LU20

The K2 periscope range was developed by Kent Periscopes as durable modern alternatives to the ubiquitous M27 design. They are designed to fit within the same space envelope as an M27, to be installed using existing brackets or clamps and, as a result, no modifications are required to the vehicle.

As with all K2 periscopes, the K2LU20 is routinely offered with the following options:

  • Upgradable laser filter cassette, housed internally within the ballistic air gap.
  • Hinged metal or cloth blackout blind.
  • Choice of paint colour and finish.
Technical Summary 
Vertical of view:  
Instantaneous (eye relief 50mm)
Cut off 44˚
Horizontal field of view:  
Instantaneous (eye relief 50mm) 60˚
Cut off 104˚
Weight (approx): 6.1kg

The K2LU20 version of the K2 has been further developed to be installed in positions in the vehicle where headroom clearance is limited. The K2LU20 features a 20˚ incline on the lower window allowing the user to lookup into the periscope. Other lookup versions of the K2 are available with the lower window inclined at different angles. 

Constructed with two glass prisms, separated by a desiccated air-gap that provides additional ballistic protection, the upper and lower housings are constructed from cast aluminium.