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K6 unity vision periscope

  • Product Code: K6

Designed to fit directly into the same space envelope, the K6 glass ‘mono block’ prism periscope represents a high quality option for the “M17” requirement.

The Kent Periscopes K6 design uses the same space envelope as the M17, and was developed specifically to target the replacement acrylic M17 market, with no vehicle modification is required to use the K6.

The K6 is routinely offered with a range of optional features such as:

• Laser protection filter
• Heated window components to de-mist and de-ice
• Black-out blind

The K6 periscope differs from Kent Periscopes K1 model in that it has a simpler single ‘mono block’ glass prism, similar in construction to acrylic variants albeit with superior optical performance and a far greater operational life expectancy. Due to its’ simple construction the K6 is available at a lower unit price than the K1, whilst its’ large prism size means that the K6 benefits from greater horizontal and vertical fields of view than the K1.  

Technical Summary 
Vertical of view:  
Instantaneous +14.0° to -6.5°
Cut off +29.5° to -22.5° 
Horizontal field of view:  
Instantaneous 74°
Cut off 158°


The K6 periscope is part of the Kent Periscopes “K Series”. Periscopes in this series have been designed specifically as replacements for designs that emanate originally from the US Armoured Fighting Vehicle market.

Laser filter protection can be included, if required. Typical levels of protection required by our customers include YAG 1064nm (1.064µm) or Ruby 694nm (0.694µm).  These levels of protection can be provided alone or on a combined basis.  We also work with our customers to supply laser protection filters that meet other specific wavelength requirements.

In addition to the existing range of 'replacement' unity vision periscopes for existing market designs, Kent Periscopes also offer an expert design service. Optimised solutions are created to enhance the performance of existing periscope designs and configurations, for example by altering the fields of view obtainable, or where required new bespoke designs can be offered to meet a particular set of customer requirements.