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T1 unity vision periscope

  • Product Code: T1

The T1 unity vision periscope was designed specifically by Kent Periscopes in response to an urgent operational requirement for a Driver's periscope. This design is also available in a narrow version, the T2, which was originally intended for installation alongside the T1 in a radial symmetrical array in order to maximise the horizontal azimuth field of view.

The T1 is offered with a range of optional features, including:

  • laser protection filters
  • heated window components to de-mist and de-ice
  • choice of black-out blind

The standard fields of view for the T1 periscope are as follows, however, these can be adjusted in order to 'tune' the periscope to fit the particular requirements of a given vehicle:

Technical Summary 
Vertical of view:  
Instantaneous +6.0° to -24.0°
Cut off +12.0° to -38.0°
Horizontal field of view:  
Instantaneous 78°
Cut off 150°
Weight 8.4 kg

The periscope has a two prism system with desiccated ballistic gap providing important protection for the user. Each half of the periscope is collimated to +/- 15' of arc. This enables either half of the periscope to be replaced in the event of damage, and maintain the original collimation angle tolerance.

A laser filter cassette can be included, if required. Housed internally within the centre of the periscope, the cassette is protected from damage and is installed such that the periscope can be upgraded over time in order to respond to changes in threat level.  Typical levels of protection required by our customers include YAG 1064nm (1.064µm) or Ruby 694nm (0.694µm).  These levels of protection can be provided alone or on a combined basis.  We also work with our customers to supply laser protection filters that meet other specific wavelength requirements.

The T1 periscope is part of the Kent Periscopes “T Series”. Periscopes in this series have typically been developed as an entirely new design in order to meet a specific set of requirements.

Please note when first offered, the T1 was  referred to as the KP25000.