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Sabre NGS Narrow Gunner's Sight

  • Product Code: Sabre NGS

The Sabre Narrow Gunner's Sight (NGS) is a tall narrow periscopic sight specifically designed for small turrets or as an auxiliary sight for larger turrets.


  • Surveillance
  • Target acquisition
  • Engagement

The Sabre NGS has a dual field of view channel which is observed via a single adjustable dioptre eye piece. The fields of view are 24 degs @ 1.5x magnification and 6 degs @ 6x magnification. The former being used for observation and the latter being used for aiming and firing the weapon. The sight is fitted with a bespoke graticule to suit the customer’s requirements. The graticule can be boresighted with the use of an azimuth adjuster at the bottom of the sight and an elevation adjuster on the linkage arm. The linkage arm can be fitted to either side of the sight and acts as the interface with the weapon.

Standard features include:

  • x1.5 and x6 magnified channels
  • Bespoke graticule to reflect weapon and ammunition types 
  • Adjustable dioptre eye piece
  • -10° to 45° degs elevation range
  • 4,000m recognition of MBT in x6 mode
  • Designed to fit in limited spaces
  • Eyeguard including black out function

Options available:

  • Laser protection filter
  • Heated windows
  • Radiation hardened glass
  • Laser range finder

The sight can be fitted from inside the vehicle or from the outside when used with a supplementary mounting plate.

The Sabre NGS is a variant from our popular range of Sabre gunner's and commander's sights. Sabre sights have been in service with many armed forces around the World for over 30 years. It is also the current first choice for an auxiliary sight on many new vehicle platforms. Sabre sights are also available in standard Day, Day/Night and Ti variants.