Driver's Position

We understand from our experience in designing solutions for Drivers of armoured fighting vehicles that a number of factors, such as ground intersect and the ability to see the front corners of the vehicle, are important.

In some cases the vision requirement can be achieved by using a single large periscope design, but often the optimum solution is achieved by designing an array of periscopes for installation in, or just in front of, the Driver's hatch, or as part of a more innovative Driver's Cockpit.

Our first Embedded Image Periscope (EIP) design was developed back in 2010, in response to an urgent operational requirement to replace a display monitor, for which there was no space in the characteristically cramped Driver's position. In this instance, there was sufficient room to accommodate a high quality biocular optical assembly within the EIP unit itself and, as a result, to provide the Driver with the ability to switch between a standard day periscope view and a relaxed view of the digital images generated by a Thermal Camera already mounted on the front of the vehicle.

Since the time that this original EIP was designed and entered service, we have worked closely with a number of customers in order to develop a similar solution for a range of other vehicles, including Main Battle Tanks. Each with different periscope configurations, and differing constraints and available space envelopes.

For the most extreme examples, we have developed the DMM variant that employs a specialist VGA display that can be deployed only when required, and stowed when not in use.