Medium & Large Turrets

They may be big. But with all the gear that you want to fit in, space will always remain at a premium.

There is often little room left for unity vision and auxiliary sighting solutions, even in medium and large turrets. The good news is that we are experienced in helping solve this problem.

For direct unity vision we can help achieve the required combined system view, either from a combination of existing unity vision periscope designs, tweaked where necessary, or with the creation of bespoke new designs. Using turret and vehicle CAD wireframe data, we can model the vertical and horizontal fields of view of individual periscopes and look at how their positioning is best defined relative to each other, to armour and to other obstructions. In doing so, we can identify and propose the optimum solution that meets the challenge of the end user's requirements, whether it is in respect of a brand new turret design, or an upgrade and refurbishment of an existing in-service vehicle.

For auxiliary, reversionary, sighting requirements for both Commander's and Gunner's, our extremely capable, versatile and proven range of Sabre sights will go in those tight spaces where other solutions simply will not go.

When it comes to displaying digital images and data in the Commander's position, our range of Embedded Image Periscope (EIP) options can help eliminate the wasting of valuable space through adding in additional monitors and display screens. Instead, combining direct vision and digital imagery within the same or similar compact space envelope as a day periscope.