Small Turrets & Cupolas

For small turrets and cupolas, space is always at a premium.

Direct unity vision needs to be compact, with periscopes delivering the very best possible horizontal and vertical fields of view from small space envelopes. Look-up periscope designs work well where headroom is limited, allowing the user to obtain the required field of view without necessarily having to have their eyes at the same height as the lower window of the periscope.

Whilst more than capable enough for larger turrets, it is smaller turret environments where our Sabre Commander and Gunner sights really come into their own. Compact designs, capable of being fitted from the inside or outside of the vehicle, and available with the option of a 'low-profile' head should overall turret height profile be constrained, mean that Sabre represents a very attractive and cost-effective solution for these requirements.

For circumstances where space constraints are at their most severe, our Sabre NGS is, we would suggest, the leading compact Gunner's sight solution available in the market.