Unity Vision Periscopes

Wide range of existing periscopes and bespoke designs.

Kent Periscopes supply a wide range of Unity Vision Periscopes including new bespoke designs and modern ‘replacement’ periscopes for ubiquitous market designs.

Kent Periscopes is well known for high quality and competitively-priced glass prism periscopes. Our aim has always been to develop a quality product which delivers, at competitive unit costs, distortion-free optical performance and impressive operational life expectancy. Optical-grade glass prisms deliver an unrivalled life expectancy that significantly outperforms alternative periscopes designs by many years – drastically reducing through-life costs of the equipment.

Range of designs:

  • Replacements for designs such as M17 and M27, derived originally from the North American market
  • Periscope replacements for in-service UK vehicles and international vehicles
  • New designs developed by Kent Periscopes in response to specific new requirements

Options features typically include: 

  • Choice of housing materials, paint finish and colour
  • Look up variants
  • Upgradable laser protection filters
  • Heated window components to de-mist and de-ice
  • Metal or cloth Black-out blind
  • Low cost mono-block construction